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Conference 2016: Advancing the use of research in education across Europe

Dates: 8-9 November 2016

Venue: Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research, Department of Education, Aarhus University

There is a continuing focus on and raising awareness amongst key stakeholders on how to promote the use of research in education across Europe. Questions addressed at the 2016 EIPPEE conference included:

  • What promotes and hinders the implementation of research-based knowledge in schools? 
  • How can research results best be given back to teachers?
  • What are the pros and cons with experimental research in an educational context?
  • How can teachers be used in creating an evidence-informed education system?

There was a focus on learning from case examples and existing research on how to promote and support an evidence-informed approach in education across Europe.

Programme: See programme and workshops

Keynotes: Watch keynotes on video 

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What enables effective implementation of evidence in schools?

  • Associate Professor, Head of Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research, Camilla Dyssegaard

How to give research results back to teachers

  • Professor Steve Higgins
  • Professor Bengt Persson

Experimental research with the aim of arriving at “evidence informed education” in policy and practice

  • Professor Terje Ogden
  • Professor Niels Egelund

The role of teachers in creating an evidence-based education system

  • James Richardson, Senior Analyst at the Education Endowment Foundation
  • Alex Quigley, Director of Research and Learning at Huntington School, York