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Training & Support
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  • There are many barriers to the use of research in decision-making, and even where research is used in decision-making, it can be used to different extents and levels by decision-makers.
  • A central part of increasing research use in education is capacity development, defined as ”the process whereby people, organisations and society as a whole unleash, strengthen, create, adapt and maintain capacity over time”
  • To participate in the EIPPEE Network, please register and become a member.

The EIPPEE Network can provide training and support for you and your organisation in research synthesis and evidence informed policy and practice. To find out more click the link below.


Search portal

Access our search portal to identify quality assured research in education from around Europe. Users are able to search multiple websites and add their own resources.


Getting involved

Do you want to get involved with the EIPPEE Network?



Welcome to the EIPPEE Network

The EIPPEE Network is made up of organisations and individuals working together in groups on specific aspects of the use of evidence. They work in dozens of different countries and communicate mainly electronically and occasionally by meeting.

The Network operates in all areas of the evidence-to-use process: the doing or undertaking of evidence, its use in educational policy and practice, the mediation, or brokering, of evidence to users; and, at a systems level, examining the interactions between these different parts and the contexts in which they occur.

The EIPPEE Network developed from the European Commission funded: Evidence Informed Policy and Practice in Education in Europe (EIPPEE) project, which aimed to increase the use of evidence to inform decision-making in education policy and practice across Europe. A brief introduction to the EIPPEE project is available in the following languages:


The information on this website relates to policy-makers, practitioners, the media, public and other stakeholders who may be interested in or working in the area of evidence informed policy and practice in education.