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The EIPPEE Network includes members from important centres in Europe that focus on the use of research. Training and support in particular aspects of research use may be provided by some of them, tailored to your needs.

For example:

  • Researchers need the skills to be able to present research in a way that is easily understandable;
  • Users of research need to be able to find, interpret and use such research effectively.

Support and training may be offered to develop skills in:

  • Summarising and presenting research in an understandable, accessible and reliable way.
  • Disseminating and publicizing research in places where it is likely to be found.
  • Knowing how to find, interpret and use relevant research.
  • Engaging with users of research to enable research to be relevant to their needs.

 The EIPPEE Network offers, through the EPPI Centre in London:

Free online resources are available on this website that can help you (coming soon):

  • Produce more relevant research and communicate this effectively;
  • Find, interpret and use research;
  • Find out about the different ways that others have linked research with policy and practice across Europe.