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Read 'Bridging the Knowledge Gap: School - University Knowledge Exchange Schemes' Tweet

The paper was prepared by members of the Special Interest Group on School-University Knowledge Exchange Schemes, and published in the academic journal Evidence & Policy in January 2017.

Watch keynote speakers from #EIPPEE2016 Annual Conference: Advancing the use of research in education across Europe Tweet

Speeches and presentations are available to download from this year's event in Copenhagen. The event, in November, focussed on what efforts can be made to increase the use of research-based knowledge in schools and included high profile speakers such as the Head of Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research, Camilla Dyssegaard.

To watch the speeches and download the presentations from the event, click on the link.

Hear Education Endownment Foundation Keynote at #EIPPEE2016 Conference: The role of teachers in creating an evidence-based education system Tweet
Key questions at event in November in Copenhagen include:
- What promotes and hinders the implementation of research-based knowledge in schools?
- How can research results best be given back to teachers?
- What are the pros and cons with experimental research in an educational context?
- How can teachers be used in creating an evidence-informed education system?

Keynote speakers at #EIPPEE2016 Conference include Head of Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research, Camilla Dyssegaard. Register at: Tweet
Held in Copenhagen on 8-9 November 2016 there are places remaining for the event aimed at advancing the use of research in education policy.

The EIPPEE 2016 Annual Conference is aimed at researchers, policy makers, analysts, teachers, teacher associations, administrators, managers, trade union leaders, students and others with an interest in advancing the use of research in education across Europe.

New publication by OECD on governing complex education systems published Tweet
In case you missed it, the OECD have released Governing Education in a Complex World. Published in April, this report addresses key challenges involved in governing modern education systems, looking specifically at complexity, accountability, capacity building and strategic thinking.
See full EIPPEE 2016 Annual Conference programme on new website Tweet
Information including a full program and list of workshops is now available to view from a dedicated website. The keynote speech for this year's Annual Conference is on 'The role of teachers in creating an evidence-based education system.'

Talks will include the Head of Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research, Camilla Dyssegaard; James Richardson, Senior Analyst at the Education Endowment Foundation; and Alex Quigley, Director of Research and Learning at Huntington School, York.

Registration is now open via the website for the event on 8-9 November 2016 in Copenhagen.

Report available from April's @EIPPEENet International Partners Meeting Tweet
A meeting was held in the Hague for the International Partners Group on 6 April 2016. In particular, partners discussed plans for the next EIPPEE Annual Conference, including suggestions over the venue and key messages. A date in November and venue of Copenhagen were agreed upon.

Partners also discussed plans for future conferences and partner meetings in 2017.

Read a report on December's @EIPPEENet International Partner's Meeting Tweet

The most recent International Partners Group meeting was held in London, 2-3 December 2015. Presentations on Knowledge Mobilisation trends and initiatives in the UK were given by Andrew Morris and Jonathan Sharples.

Presentations on Knowledge Centres were given by Solvi Lillejord of The Norwegian Knowledge Centre, Lena Adamson of the Swedish Institute for Educational Research and Stefan Denzler of the Swiss Coordination Centre for Educational Research.

At the business meeting, plans were discussed for future conferences and partner meetings in 2016 and 2017.

Help put ideas into practice! Active implementation frameworks workshop, London 24 Oct, UK Implementation Network Tweet

The UK Implementation Network (UK-IN) is an independent non-profit membership organisation connecting those working in implementation science, practice and policy for services for people across the UK.

Between October 20-25, 2014 the Co-Director of the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) at the University of North Carolina, Melissa Van Dyke, will visit the UK, hosted by UK-IN, in partnership with the Colebrooke Centre, CELSIS at the University of Strathclyde, and the Centre For Evidence-Based Intervention at the University of Oxford. She will host two workshops:

  • for senior leaders and professionals in policy, commissioning, or service leadership, on using Active Implementation Frameworks for service improvement and one
  • aimed at those who are new to or wanting to learn more about how to apply implementation principles in practice and in research

View slides from seminar @IOE_SSRU on Use of longitudinal data to model effects of policy decisions, Uni Auckland Tweet

Slides from Peter David, of the University of Auckland, are now available from his recent seminar held at SSRU, Institute of Education, London on the use of longitudinal data to model effects of policy decisions. The COMPASS Research Centre presentation was called '"KIWI for Kids!" A simulation-based knowledge laboratory on the early life-course.'

View presentations under the Research Use section of our Resources page to access the slides.