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Previous Events


During the two years of the EIPPEE project, we hosted two international conferences and four partner meetings. Information about these events is provided below.

For information about other events in the area of evidence informed policy and practice, please see our News page.



The conferences provided important opportunities for members of the project to engage with the wider members of the EIPPEE network and others who were interested or working in the area of evidence informed policy and practice. 

One of the main aims of the conferences was to attract and engage a wide range of stakeholders from across Europe, working on a diverse range of education topics and focuses. In this way, the project can benefit from this engagement, ensuring that it is both appropriate for all types of stakeholders and sufficiently Europe focused.


Partner Meetings

The EIPPEE project is a collaborative initiative of 35 partners from across Europe and representing different types of interests in evidence informed policy and practice in education. The project partners play a central role in guiding and contributing to the undertaking of the project. As such, the partner meetings provided an important opportunity for the EIPPEE partners to meet and discuss the project. These meetings provided an important way for partners to comment on proposals and offer suggestions about how these can and should be implemented. As the EPPI Centre (the project coordinators) team is based in London and our experience is largely limited to the UK education system, working collaboratively with partners is key to broadening the focus of the project.

  • First EIPPEE Partner Meeting, 14-15 April 2011, London, UK

The first partner meeting brought all 35 of the EIPPEE project partners together for the first time. At this meeting, we developed common understandings of the approach we should take to the project and shared ideas about how it should progress. As the lead applicant, the team based at the EPPI Centre outlined the basic components of the project as set out in the original application for funding and made initial suggestions as to how to implement these plans. Through a combination of whole and small group discussions, these proposals were then refined and developed in more detail.  

  • Second EIPPEE Partner Meeting, 19-20 September 2011, Athens, Greece

The second partner meeting focused on discussing (i) the overall progress of the project to date and further plans to complete the project; (ii) proposals on how the two forthcoming international conferences can progress the project; and (iii) partners’ thoughts on the analysis undertaken so far. 

  • Third EIPPEE Partner Meeting, 11 May 2012, The Hague, the Netherlands

The third partner meeting was attached to the conference held in The Hague, the Netherlands and co-hosted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Department for Education and Training in Belgium. 

  • Fourth EIPPEE Partner Meeting, 7 March 2013, Frankfurt, Germany

This partner meeting was attached to the final EIPPEE conference, which was held on 5-6 March 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany.