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About us

The EIPPEE Network is made up of organisations and individuals working together in groups on specific aspects of the use of evidence. They work in many different countries and communicate mainly electronically and occasionally by meeting.

The Network operates in all areas of the evidence-to-use process. The aims of the Network are:  

  • To develop awareness and knowledge about research use through a broad-based, multi-level, international network of those interested in these issues;
  • To enable increased access to relevant educational research;
  • To encourage mediation between research and its use; and
  • To enable the use of research.
  • To study the use of research in decision-making and identify the barriers and facilitators to this.

It pursues these aims by:

  • Offering people the opportunity to register to become a member of the EIPPEE project network, participate in project activities and events and access all project resources through the new project website;
  • Organising international conferences where people can meet and discuss with others interested in evidence informed policy and practice.
  • Organising Special Interest Groups on various aspects of evidence-use;
  • Providing a new search portal offering access to research from across Europe
  • Organising occasional events with partners;
  • Offering a support service for decision-makers in education in Europe to support them to use research in policy and practice.
  • Offering consultancy using international experts in the use of research.

The Network is run by an International Partners’ Group who are supported by a secretariat.

The EIPPEE Network developed out of a European Commission funded collaborative project involving 36 partners from 23 different countries across Europe, and a further seven international affiliates. Find out more about the EIPPEE project 2011-2013.

To join the EIPPEE Network register here.