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Workshop 7

DAY TWO: Session 7: Parallel workshop sessions (15 May, 10.45 - 12.15)

Workshop 7: Building school capacity for using evidence through large scale interventions and trials (Chair: Sabine Wollscheid, Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services, Norway)

The Closing the Gap Test and Learn “RCT-like trials” are a national intervention to increase interest in the use of rigorous evidence whilst closing gaps for vulnerable pupils across 650 schools in England. Join this interactive workshop to explore the programme design, tools and resources and the seven research based interventions involved and some of the remaining challenges involved in connecting practitioners with research at scale in this way. 


Philippa Cordingley: Closing the Gap: Test and Learn

The presenter Philippa Cordingley and the CUREE team designed the initiative, funded by the National College for Teaching and Leadership with support from Durham University from April to July 2013. Seven interventions were selected through consultation with schools. The recruitment and quantitative testing and collection of qualitative evidence on the ground is being facilitated by research and development leaders in 100+ Teaching Schools. Testing and random allocation took place in September/October 2013. Training lasted from November 2013 – February 2014 and the interventions are being trialled from February 2014 - June 2014. Final testing will take place in June 2014.
Teaching School leaders have played a significant role in increasing participation and tackling other challenges faced by trial managers. The workshop explores these opportunities and some of the challenges too.