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Workshop 2: School-university partnerships

DAY ONE: Session 3: Parallel workshop sessions (14 May, 14.00 - 15.30)

Workshop 2: School-university partnerships (Chair: Andrew Morris, independent, UK)

This workshop is one or two sessions at the conference that explores key characteristics of knowledge exchange schemes involving partnerships between schools/kindergartens and universities. This session presents the work of a group of four partners who are working together internationally to study ways in which schemes that link universities and schools work (the “School-University Knowledge Exchange Schemes (SUKES)” project). Following a survey of such schemes presented at the EIPPEE conference in Frankfurt in 2013, four case studies will be presented in this workshop. Four schemes in four different countries –Iceland, Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom - will be described, and the diversity of approaches demonstrated. Drawing on this collective experience, four themes will be explored with reference to relevant theoretical perspectives. In workshop 8, information about two additional schemes in Germany and The Netherlands will be presented, and the discussion session will include reflection on all six schemes.


  • Per Skoglund (National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools, Sweden)
  • Anna Kristin Siguroadottir (University of Iceland, Iceland)
  • Mary Sheard (University of York, UK)
  • Tomislav Tudjman (Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)


Per Skoglund: Institutional and cultural perspective on research and school collaboration

This presentation draws on experience of a scheme in Essungen, Sweden, involving collaboration to create more inclusive learning environments, using research as an impetus for change and for creating new knowledge through the project.

Anna Kristin Siguroadottir: Organisational change

This presentation draws on experience of a scheme in Rekjavic, Iceland, that provides a framework for a number of forums that organise research and development projects across different sectors and educational issues.

Mary Sheard: Evidence-based practice and policy
This presentation reviews models of evidence-based practice and policy and draws on the example of a school-university partnership that helps identify key issues of practice, guide practitioners to relevant evidence and support its use.
Tomislav Tudjman: The knowledge process, involving municipality, school, university
This presentation reviews the process of knowledge exchange in a community of local educational expertise in Rotterdam, involving a university, the municipality and schools in supporting the development of policy and educational practice.