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Department of Education and Training, Belgium
Representative Katrijn Ballet  
Country that organisation based in Belgium

 The Department for Education and Training is part of the Ministry of Education and Training for the Flemish community in Belgium. The Department of Education and Training supports the minister in their role in managing, monitoring and evaluating Flemish education. The Strategic Policy Support section formulates strategic policy options for the Flemish education authorities (including Agency for Educational Services (nur¬sery and primary education), Agency for Higher Education and Adult Education (AHOVOS), Agency for Educational Communication (AOC) and the Agency for Infrastructure in Education (AGIOn). Being prepared by the department's contribution to the administration of the agreement, the policy and the long-range planning, it ensures that the policy letters and annual plans are adjusted accordingly. Finally, it cares for the development and implementation of knowledge policy, encourages the need for knowledge, examines how this can best be filled and funds scientific research and ensures follow-up. It is also responsible for monitoring and evaluation of policy.

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