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Centre for Research on Higher Education, Jagiellonian University
Representatives Marek Frankowicz  
Role/Job title
Academic Lecturer
Country that organisation based in Poland

The Higher Education Research Centre, Jagiellonian University is an inter-faculty unit that seeks to provide expert analysis of the issues facing higher education systems. The centre aims at: supporting university units in terms of management improvement; supporting the development and improvement of Poland’s higher education system and research projects with special attention to the European integration; supporting the Bologna Process by, for example, creating the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area; promoting innovative and sustainable ideas related to higher education; providing its partners with reliable knowledge about trends and practices in higher education and about educational and research projects conducted at universities and colleges; monitoring the higher education system and related areas (secondary education, job market for alumni); conducting research, trainings, and projects on higher education; providing consulting services; creating favourable conditions for information exchange between all entities interested in higher education projects; and voicing opinions and shaping the state policy on higher education and studying.

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