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EIPPEE free tailored workshops

As part of our efforts to build capacity across Europe, we are offering free tailored workshops. These can be adapted to the needs of your organisation but would be based loosely on the three online courses available.

So far, we have undertaken workshops in the Lithuania, Netherlands (one as part of the EIPPEE Conference 2012 in the Hague and one in conjunction with the EAPRIL annual conference in Nimegen), Poland, Romania and Turkey.


Presentations from these workshops are available to view to registered members of the EIPPEE Network by logging into this page.


We also have workshops coming up in Lisbon and Frankfurt (the Frankfurt workshop will be part of the EIPPEE conference 2013) - more details to follow.

If you are interested in organising a tailored workshop for your organization or, for more information, please contact Mark Newman.


Please note: we ask that hosts provide administration, rooms, materials and audiovisual facilities.