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Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education (SKBF)
Representative Stefan Wolter  
Role/Job title
Managing Director
Country that organisation based in Switzerland

The Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education (SKBF) is a public entity founded in 1974 by the Federal and the Cantonal governments in Switzerland in order to inform, document and coordinate educational research in Switzerland. The SKBF documents all research projects done in Switzerland in the field of education and makes summaries of these projects accessible in an internet database to the wider public. The database also contains information on the researchers and the research institutions that authored the research projects. Reports on specific topics that show the state-of-art in research knowledge in a specific and policy relevant area are published regularly by the staff of the SKBF.

Since 2005 the SKBF has also been responsible for the writing of the Swiss Education Report. Since then, two reports have been published. These reports assemble and interpret all available information on the current state of the Swiss educational system from kindergarten to adult education. They present a synthesis of statistical, administration and research information and set the information base for an evidence informed educational policy-making agenda in Switzerland. Aside from the information and documentation activities, the SKBF also represents Switzerland in international governmental (e.g. OECD) and non-governmental (e.g. CIDREE) organisations.


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