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Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Iceland
Representative Anna Kristín Sigurðardóttir  
Role/Job title
Assistant Professor of School Development
Country that organisation based in Iceland
The Centre for Educational Policy Studies is the research and development unit within the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana.

The School of Education is one of five schools within the University of Iceland. The Faculty of Teacher Education offers undergraduate and graduate studies in Teacher Education and Preschool Teacher Education. In addition, Teacher Certification Studies are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Teacher Education and Preschool Teacher Education B.Ed. degree programmes are 180 ECTS, and students can choose to study on-campus or through distance learning. Graduate programmes in Teaching Studies, towards M.Ed. or M.A. degrees are 120 ECTS, and are offered as so-called flexible studies, which is a mixture of on-campus and distance learning.

All academic programmes offered at the Faculty of Teacher Education place a rich emphasis on ties to the prospective workplace. Professional opportunities upon graduation are diverse, and the academic programmes also serve as good preparation for further studies. All faculty members conduct different educational research.

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